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Selectboard 12/18/23

  • Monday, December 18, 2023
    PM – 10 PM

Topic: Selectboard


Selectboard Minutes 12-18-23v2 371 KB

Approved on: Tuesday, January 2, 2024

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Selectboard Minutes 12-18-23v2 371 KB

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Meeting of the Town of Richmond Selectboard            December 18, 2023

Richmond Town Center Meeting Room, 3rd Floor – 203 Bridge Street, Richmond, VT. 
Meeting may also be joined online or by phone

Join Zoom Meeting Online:

Join by Phone:  +1 929 205 6099            Meeting ID: 825 9576 1731    Passcode: 485921

7:00 PM    1. Welcome and Public Comment
7:03 PM    2. Additions, Deletions, or Modifications to Agenda
7:05 PM    3. Items for Presentation or Discussion with those present

a)    Update from the Volunteers’ Green and Browns Court Project Committee including consideration of approval of structural engineer for renovations to the Volunteers’ Green bandstand* # (30 min) 
b)    Follow up on discussion of possibly using Browns Court for housing development # (30 min) 
c)    Update on Radar Speed Feedback Signs # (10 min)
d)    Consideration of approval of two access permits* # (5 min)
e)    Consideration of finalizing FY25 budget to be considered for approval by the voters at Town Meeting* # (15 min)
f)    Consideration of request by the Conservation Commission to amend the request to utilize $150 from the Conservation Reserve Fund for work related to the Save Our Salamanders Network* # (5 min)
g)    Discussion of Conservation Reserve Fund ballot item (15 min) 
h)    Review of draft Town Meeting Warning # (5 min)
i)    Review of Bond and Note options for borrowing to fund the renovation for the Richmond Town Center and consideration of approving to proceed with a Bond or a Note* # (15 min)
j)    Discussion of payment for repair of baseball fields at Volunteers’ Green that were damaged by the July flooding* (10 min)
k)    Consideration of changing the date of the February 19, 2024 Selectboard meeting due to the Presidents’ Day holiday* (5 min)

9:30 PM    4. Approval of Minutes, Purchase Orders, and Warrants*
a)    Minutes of 12/4/23
b)    Minutes of 12/11/23
9:40 PM    5. Discuss Items for Next Agenda 
9:50 PM    6.  Possible Executive Sessions: 
a)    Update on negotiations with the Police Union. 
b)    Discussion of hiring police officers.
10:10 PM    7.  Adjourn

Time is available at each meeting for public comment. Documents related to this meeting are available at    If you would like to schedule a time with the Board or need assistance to participate in the meeting, please call Josh Arneson, Richmond Town Manager at 434-5170 or email  Links to videos of Selectboard meetings can be found at
*Denotes Action Item  # Indicates documents in the packet