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Route 2 Construction

Posted 9/28/23

This page contains updates from VTrans on the Rt. 2 Rehabilitation Project.

Richmond Bridge #29 Replacement Project

Posted 9/28/23

This page contains updates from VTrans on the Richmond Bridge #29 Replacement Project

Property Tax Due Dates

Posted 7/25/23

Taxes are due 8/15/2023, 11/15/2023, 2/15/2024, and 5/15/2024.

Flood Recovery Needs and Volunteers

Posted 7/13/23

A wonderful community member has set up a sheet where people can ask for assistance and offer assistance. This is a live Google Docs sheet and residents can add their offers to help or needs that they…

Water Bill Due Dates

Posted 12/27/22

Bills are due 9/30/2023, 12/31/2023, 3/31/2024, and 6/30/2024.

FY25 Town of Richmond Charitable Appropriations

Posted 9/5/23

FY25 Town of Richmond Charitable Appropriations Each year the Town of Richmond allocates some of the Town budget to assist in funding non- profit organizations that serve residents of the Town of…

FEMA Loans from Small Business Administration

Posted 8/11/23

Hello everyone, over the past few weeks I have received several requests for more information as to what types of funding could be available to help with repairs related to the flood, in particular…

Town Office Front Portico Pickup/Dropoff

Posted 8/1/23

Thank you to the entire community for all the generous donations of items, time, and energy during the past three weeks.  There are so many ways we have helped each other out through these tough…

Declaration of Equity and Inclusion

The Town of Richmond, Vermont condemns racism, and welcomes all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, age, or disability, and wants everyone to feel safe and welcome in our community. As a town, we formally condemn all discrimination in all of its forms, commit to fair and equitable treatment of everyone in our community, and will strive to ensure all of our actions, policies, and operating procedures reflect this commitment. The Town of Richmond has and will continue to be a place where individuals can live freely and express their opinions.