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The Parking Advisory Committee has been hard at work mapping current available parking and looking for opportunities to add to the parking available in town. This is in an effort to meet the increasing demand for parking to access the many recreational opportunities in Richmond. Of course, we also encourage visitors to Richmond to support local businesses while in town.

The map on this page and in the following link provides information on areas where parking is currently available.

  • Click on the “P” icon for the address and number of parking spots available at that location.
  • Clicking the red arrow in the menu that appears after clicking the “P” icon will open the navigation app on your phone to provide directions from your current location to the selected parking location.

Parking Map

This map is maintained by Parking Committee member John Cohn. John can be reached at johncohnvt@ or 1-802-578-0985 for any comments/corrections, additions.

Get this map on your phone — scan code with your camera.