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All Committee & Board Members

Planning Commission Members

9 members – 4-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
VACANT – Vice Chair20232027Appointment
Virginia Clarke – Chair, email vclarke.pc@ gmail.com20232027Appointment
Mark Fausel20202024Appointment
Joy Reap20202024Appointment
Dan Mullen20222026Appointment
Adam Wood20232027Appointment
Chris Granda20232027Appointment

Development Review Board Members

5 members – 3-year term: Appointed in March

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
David Sunshine – Chair, email david@ 20232026Appointment
Padraic Monks20212024Appointment
David Schnakenberg20212024Appointment
Matthew Dyer20232026Appointment
Roger Pedersen20222025Appointment
VACANT – Alternate20232026Appointment
VACANT – Alternate20232026Appointment

Conservation Commission Members

7 members – 4-year term, 2 alternates – 4-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Judy Rosovsky – Chair, email judy.rosovsky@ 20222026Appointment
Max Krieger (appointed mid-term)20202024Appointment
Daniel Schmidt20212025Appointment
Jeanette Malone20222026Appointment
Kit Emery20222026Appointment
Elizabeth Wright20232027Appointment
Bob Galvin20202024Appointment
Alison Anand20212025Appointment
Bob Low – Alternate20222026Appointment

Water/Sewer Commission Members

5 members – 1-year term – 2 Appointed, 3 Selectboard Member: Appointed after WS Annual Meeting held in May

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Bard Hill20222023SB Rep
Jay Furr - Vice Chair, email jay.furr@ richmondvt.org20222023SB Rep
David Sander – Chair, email david.sander@ 20222023SB Rep
Erin Farr20222023Appointment
Morgan Wolaver20222023Appointment

Water and Sewer Commission​​​​​​

Trails Committee Members

14 members – 3-year term   

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
VACANT - 20232026Appointment
Jean Bressor20222025Appointment
Callie Ewald20222025Appointment
Jed Rankin20212024Appointment
Jim Monahan20212024Appointment
Hannah Harrington - Co-Chair, email hannahfharrington9@ gmail.com20212024Appointment
Halle Harklau20212024Appointment
Mike Donahue20232026Appointment
Tyler Merritt20232026Appointment
Alexandra McAleer20232026Appointment
Alison Aiken - Co-Chair, email turtlehiker@ hotmail.com20222025Appointment
Chase Rosenberg20222025Appointment

Andrews Community Forest Committee Members

9 members – 3-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Nick Neverisky – Chair, email 20232026Appointment
Melissa Wolaver20222025Appointment
Caitlin Littlefield – Secretary – Conservation Commission Recommendation20232026Appointment
Daniel Schmidt – Conservation Commission Representative20212024Appointment
Chase Rosenberg – Trails Committee Representative20222025Appointment
Cecelia Danks20222025Appointment

Town Center and Library Buildings Committee Members

7 members – open ended terms

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
VACANT2019Open EndedAppointment
Amy Wardwell - Community Member2019Open EndedAppointment
Josh Arneson – Town Manager2019Open EndedAppointment
VACANT – Planning Commission Representative2019Open EndedAppointment
Laurie Dana – Library Trustee Representative2019Open EndedAppointment
Dave Healy – Community Member2019Open EndedAppointment
Jeff Forward – Chair, email jeff.forward@ 2019Open EndedAppointment
VACANT2019Open EndedAppointment
Linda Parent – Community Member2019Open EndedAppointment
Jake Marin – Community Member2019Open EndedAppointment
VACANT2019Open EndedAppointment

Recreation Committee Members

Minimum of 5 members with at least 3/5 of the committee being Richmond Residents. Richmond Residents – 3-year term. Bolton and Huntington residents – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Mark Fausel20222025Appointment
Kate Kreider - Co-Chair, email ktop211@ gmail.com20212024Appointment
Kirsten Santor20222025Appointment
Kathy Costello – Bolton Resident20222024Appointment
Sheri Lynn – Huntington Resident – Co-Chair, email sheri@ 20222024Appointment

Gardening Committee Members

5 members – THREE 2-year terms, THREE 3-year terms

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Erin Farr20232025Appointment
Hannah Harrington20232025Appointment
Jim Feinson20232025Appointment
Caroline Schlutius20232026Appointment
Marilynne Johnson20232026Appointment
​​​​​​​Mary Houle20232026Appointment

Housing Committee Members

7 Members – 2-year terms, 2 alternates – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Connie van Eeghen – Clerk20222025Appointment
Mark Hall - Chair, markphall@ gmail.com20222024Appointment
Virginia Clarke – Planning Commission Representative20222025Appointment
VACANT - Alternate20222024Appointment
VACANT - Alternate20222024Appointment

Transportation Committee Members

Minimum of 6 members

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Cathleen Gent 20232026Appointment
Chris Cole – Chair, Planning Commission Representative20232026Appointment
Jon Kart20222024Appointment
Cameron Wong20222024Appointment
Allen Knowles20222024Appointment
Keith Jennings20222025Appointment
Susan Wells20232026Appointment

Parking Advisory Committee Members

5 Members

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
VACANT - Chair20232026Appointment
Diane Mariano20232026Appointment
John Cohn20232026Appointment
Chuck Gilroy20222024Appointment
John Rankin20222024Appointment

ARPA Committee Members

9 Members

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Jeff Forward – Selectboard Member20232024SB - Rep.
Jay Furr – Selectboard Member – Chair, email jay.furr@ 20232024SB - Rep.
Josh Arneson – Town Manager20232024Town Mgr.
VACANT– Resident Seat20232024Appointment
Denise Barnard – Business Owner Seat20232024Business Owner
Molly Dugan – Resident Seat20232024Appointment
Mary Houle – Resident Seat20232024Appointment
Cara LaBounty – Resident Seat20232024Appointment
VACANT – Resident Seat20222023Appointment

4th of July Parade and Fireworks Committee Members

All interested persons please apply. 

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Amanda Cobb20232024Appointment
Bryan Moreau20232024Appointment
Chris Jenkins20232024Appointment
Jay Furr20232024Appointment
Justin Spence20232024Appointment
Norman Perkins20232024Appointment
Stefani Hartsfield20232024Appointment
Susan Glennon20232024Appointment

Police Governance Committee Members

The Richmond and Hinesburg Police Governance Committee is focused on exploring options for shared governance of policing for the municipalities of Richmond and Hinesburg. The committee is comprised of two Selectboard members from each town, the Town Managers, and the Police Chiefs.

RichmondJune HestonSelectboard Chair
RichmondBard HillSelectboard Member
RichmondJosh ArnesonTown Manager
RichmondBen HerrickInterim Police Chief
HinesburgMerrily LovellSelectboard Chair
HinesburgPhil PouechSelectboard Member
HinesburgTodd OditTown Manager
HinesburgAnthony CambridgePolice Chief

Richmond Free Library Trustees

5-year terms

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Laurie Dana – Chair, email rldana@ 20212026Elected
Kathie Templin20202025Elected
Martha Nye20192024Elected
Matthew Crabb2023​​​​​​​2028Elected
Amy Wardwell20222027Elected

Justices of the Peace

2-year terms elected every even year in November

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Denise Barnard20222024Elected
Marshall Paulsen20222024Elected
Francis Churchill20222024Elected
Carole Furr20222024Elected
Edward Gallo20222024Elected
Keith Kasper20222024Elected
Andrew Bessette20222024Elected
Becky Vigneault20222024Elected
Mary Houle20222024Elected
Alex Naumann20222024Elected
Joel Furr20222024Elected

Zoning Administrator & E-911 Coordinator

1 member – 3 year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Tyler Machia20222025Appointment
Keith Oborne: Acting Zoning Administrator and E-911 Coordinator20232026Appointment

Richmond Health Officer

1 member – 3-year term. Runs through Dec. 31 of Term End Year Recommended by Selectboard for approval by Vermont Health Commissioner.

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Eric Adam Wood20232025Appointment
VACANT – Deputy Town Health Officer20232025Appointment

Forest Fire Warden

2 members – 5-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Dennis Gile20222027Appointment
Jerry Levesque20222027Appointment

Service Officer

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType


1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Andy Squires20232024Elected

Town Assessor

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Lisa TruchonOpen Ended Appointment

Animal Control

1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Andy Squires20232024Appointment

Emergency Management Director

1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Josh Arneson20232024Appointment

Energy Coordinator

1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Jeff Forward20232024Appointment

Tree Warden

1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Matt Leonetti20222023Appointment

Town Fence Viewers

2 member – 1 year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Carole Furr20232024Appointment

Inspector of Lumber, Shingles & Wood

1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Jon Kart20232024Appointment

Weigher of Coal

1-year terms

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Jay Furr20232024Appointment
Jeff Forward20232024Appointment

Lake Iroquois Recreation District

1 member – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Jack Linn - District Appointee20212023Appointment

Richmond Rescue Board of Directors

1 member – 1-year term, runs May 1-June 30

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Amy Wardwell20232024Appointment

Chittenden Solid Waste District

2 members – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
VACANT – Alternate20232025Appointment

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Board of Directors

2 Selectboard members – 1 Alternate – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Bard Hill20222024Usually current or former Selectboard Member
Chris Cole – Alternate20222024

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

1 member – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Josh Arneson20222024Staff
TBD - Alternate20222024

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Clean Water Advisory Committee (CWAC)

1 member – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Keith Oborne20222024Staff

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

1 member, 1 alternate – 2-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Keith Oborne20232025Usually Town Planner
Virginia Clarke20232025Alternate


1 member – 1-year term

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Clint Buxton20232024Elected

Delinquent Tax Collector

1 member - 1 year term - Appointed after Town Meeting

MembersTerm StartTerm EndType
Laurie Brisbin20232024Appointed