This page contains links to documents pertaining to Selectboard meetings.

Meeting Videos: MMCTV Public Meeting Video Archive

Meeting of the Selectboard 10/15/19

Selectboard Agenda for 10-15-19

Fund Balances as of end of FY19

FY21 Budget Expenses Draft 1 101519 (2)

FY21 Budget Revenue Draft 1 101519

FY21 Budget Tax Estimate Draft 1 101519 (1)

Meeting of the Selectboard 10/7/19

Selectboard Agenda for 10-7-19

2c BreadLoaf Proposal

2c Engineering Services Company Profile

2c Engineering Services Proposal

3b JCZD Draft 10-1-19

3c Town Exp. and Rev. FY19

3c Town Exp. and Rev. Q1 FY20

3d Description of Bridge St. Projects

3g 2019 MPG App

3j Parking Permit App

3j Vehicle Registration Form

DRAFT Selectboard Minutes 9-16-19

Meeting of the Selectboard 9/16/19

Selectboard Agenda for 9-16-19

2a 2019-07-15_BUILD Application_CCRPC_FINAL

3a Halvorsen recommend for ACF vacancy 9-8-2019

3b Ginkgo Tree Experts

3c SB Hearing CTD Memo and Changes (2)

3e FY 2020 Cruiser purchase

3f Agreement for School Resource Officer Services FY20

3g CPR-MPG-Resolution-Form

3g Description of Bridge St. Projects


3i Declaration of Official Intent

3j resolution relating to water bond

3k Liquor License Application – Stone’s Throw Pizza

Selectboard minutes 9-3-19

Meeting of the Selectboard 9/3/19

Selectboard Agenda for 9-3-19

3c VTrans Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

3d CRF application Town Forest Fund

3d 2019_08_13 Draft Minutes

3e 8-28-19 Village Downtown District -Transmittal Draft

3f SB Hearing CTD Memo and Changes

3f JC-Transmittal Draft (JC)

3f Overall Zoning Amendments (JC)

Selectboard Minutes-8-19-19

Selectboard Village Downtown District Hearing Minutes 8-27-19


Meeting of the Selectboard 8/27/19: Public Hearing Village Downtown District

Village Downtown District Zoning Proposal Notice of Hearing (1)

3b Amendment Report (VDD)

3b Overall Zoning Amendments (VDD)

3b Village Downtown District -Transmittal Draft (VDD)

Meeting of the Selectboard 8/19/19

Selectboard Agenda for 8-19-19

2a Color map of Town Forest Lot

2a Minutes Bolton SB re conservation of parcel

2a Print – 8×11 Landscape Map (1)

2a Print – 8×11 Landscape Map

3a Final Fee Schedule 8-19-19

3c Edmunds Fund documents

3e 2019Code of Ethics – Track Changes Draft 8-16-19

3e AP Purchasing Policy -Track Changes Draft 8-16-19

3e Fire Dept. Respiratory Protection Program Draft 8-16-19

3e GL Grant Procurement Policy- Track Changes Draft 8-16-19

3f Letter regarding VLCT annual business meeting

4 JC-Transmittal Draft (JC)

4 Amendment Report (JC)

4 Overall Zoning Amendments (JC)

4 Letter from PC

4 Richmond Selectboard Letter_Aug19 from Brendan O’Reilly

Selectboard Minutes 8-5-19

Meeting of the Selectboard 8/5/19

Selectboard Agenda for 8-5-19

2a Vermont Youth Project – Details

2a What is Vermont Youth Project

3aa Current Fee Schedule

3ab 7-15 Draft Fee Schedule

3ac Draft Fee Schedule 8-12019

3b Amendment Report (VDD)

3b Overall Zoning Amendments (VDD)

3b Village Downtown District -Transmittal Draft (VDD)

3e 2019 Lease Radiate Art Space (8-1-19)

3f GL Fraud prevention checklist

4 JC-Transmittal Draft (JC)

4 Amendment Report (JC)

4 Overall Zoning Amendments (JC)

DRAFT Selectboard Minutes 7-15-19

Public Hearing for Jolina Court Zoning Amendment 8/5/19

Hearing Notice (8-5-19)

JC-Transmittal Draft

Jolina Court District Map

Amendment Report 

Special Meeting of the Selectboard 7/15/19

Selectboard Agenda for 7-15-19

2a 2019-7-15 Vol Green Tree Committee SB Report

2b a Police update select board meeting

2b Arrests 2019

2b Law Incidents 2019

2b Traffic Tickets 2019

2b Traffic Warnings 2019

3 Ordinance-Repeal-Warning-2019-Dev-Fees

4a Draft Fee Schedule 2019

4ba JC-Transmittal Draft (1)

4bb Amendment Report (5)

4bc Overall Zoning Amendments

4c GL Grant Procurement Policy

4c GL Grant Procurement Policy-redline

4d Town Road and Bridge Standards (5Jun2019_Fillable Form) (1)

4d Town Road and Bridge Standards (June2019) Cover Ltr

DRAFT Selectboard Minutes 7-8-19


Special Meeting of the Selectboard 7/8/19

Selectboard Agenda for 7-8-19 Special Meeting

This meeting is being held to make up for the 7-1-19 meeting that was postponed due to a lack of quorum. The meeting packet will be the same as the packet for that meeting, which is posted below.

Selectboard Meeting of 7/1/19

Selectboard Agenda for 7-1-19 Postponed

2a Billed Grand List for FY20 Tax Rate

2a FY20 Tax Rate Municipal


2b HWY

2d 1. Application Form – Town of Richmond

2d 2. Supporting Materials – Town of Richmond

2i WS 336 Bridge crossing funding application 6-2019 (1)

DRAFT Selectboard Minutes 6-17-19

DRAFT Selectboard Minutes 6-24-19 Special Meeting


Public Hearing for Ordinance Repeal 7/15/19

Ordinance Repeal Warning 2019 Dev Fees

Development Fee Ordinance and Amendments

Selectboard Meeting of 6/17/19

Selectboard Agenda for 6-17-19

2a Water and Sewer Bob Reap – Submitted May 30

2a Water Commission – Fran HuntoonApplication Letter 2019

2a Water Commission Don Morin

2c 2019_Announcement letter

3e Draft Fee Schedule 2019

3g SFY20 BMP LOI Final

3g SFY20 Municipal Grants-in-Aid Initial Offer

3h Access Permit Applicaiton 2019-048

3i FY19 Audit Letter

3j Vermont Youth Project – Details

3j What is Vermont Youth Project

3l Revised Drop Off center lease 2015 122215

Minutes for the meeting of 6/3/19

Selectboard Meeting of 6/3/19

Selectboard Agenda for 6-3-19

2b Response to CSWD re FY20 Budget

2c Selectboard letter

2d Letter about Tax Stablization

2d Minutes pertaining to Tax Stabilization from 2015 Town Meeting

2d Tax stabilization presentation draft 1 2-26-2015

2d Warning from 2015 Town Meeting

3b Richmond Clerk Certification bond vote results 3-2015

3c Richmond Survey Report

3e Richmond Rescue Board of Directors – Kenneth Heskett

3g riggs resolution DRAFT

3k Community Outreach 4.16.19 MOU Draft TJK

3l email on Public-Private Partnership

3l Tier1_TownSelectionCriteria_Final

3l Towns Meeting 2 of 3 P3 Tier 1 Criteria

3l WCA_P3P_3Acre_project_abridged

3m 2016 Ethics Policy and acknowledgement form

Minutes for the meeting of 5/20/19


Selectboard Meeting of 5/20/19

Selectboard Agenda for 5-20-19

2a unasasigned and restricted funds as of 5-16-19

2b1 Planning Commission – Alison Anand

2b1 Planning Commission – Chris Cole

2b1 Planning Commission for Virginia Clark

2b1 Planning Commission position Chris Granda

2b2 DRB – Letter of Recommendation from David Sunshine

2b2 DRB – Roger Pedersen

2b2a DRB Alternate – Alision Anand (late, submitted May 15)

2b3 Conservation Commission – Letter of Interest – Kenneth Heskett

2b3 Conservation Commission Elizabeth Wright

2b3 Conservation Commission Letter Of Endorsement for E Wright

2b4 Trails Committee Letter from Chair Jean Bressor

2b4 Trails Committee – Callie Ewald (late, submitted May 12)

2b4 Trails Committee Alison Aiken

2b4 Trails Committee Chase Rosenberg

2b4 Trails Committee Jean Bressor

2b4a Lake Iroquois – Jack Linn (late, submitted May 15)

2b5 CSWD Caleb Manna Official resume

2b5 CSWD Caleb Manna

2b5 CSWD rep reappointment letter 2019 – Hegg

2b6 CSWD board alternate Letter of Interest SHERMAN

2b7 Animal Control Officer – Andy Squires

2b8 Fence Viewer – Jared Katz (late, submitted May 15)

2b8 Fence Viewer Carole Furr

2b9 Lumber and Shingles Jon Kart

2b10 Weigher of Coal Jay Furr

2b11 Tree Warden – Matt Leonetti (late, submitted May 15)

2b11a Civil Defense Director – Letter of Interest – Kenneth Heskett

2b12 Energy Coordinator Jeff Forward

2b13 Parade and Fireworks

2b14 Town Center – David Healy

2b14 Town Center – Jake Marin

2b14 Town Center – Jeff Forward

2b14 Town Center – Linda Parent

2b14 Town Center – Marie Thomas

2b14 Town Center Eveline Killian

3 richmond fy 20

3a CSWD – FY20 Proposed Budget 4.25.19

4a East Hill Road Study

4b Park Ordinance

4b Park Map

4d Tree Removal Hearing, June 3, 2019

4e 2019_Announcement letter

5 Minutes of 5-6-19


Selectboard Meeting of 5/6/19

Selectboard Agenda for 5-6-19

2a E Kraft cameras receipts

2a Footbridge materials quote

2a Funding requests memo 5-2-19

2b GMAA RCWR request.2

2c Combined Documents Including Gretchen Alexander Letter

2c Letter To SB On Riverbank Stabilization CRF

2c Response to DRAFT Application for CRF for Volunteers Green Riverbank Stabilization

2c Revised CRF App Vol Green River Bank Stabilization (1-16-19)

3 Warning on Park ordinance amendment 2019-01

4b Richmond_AHMP_Projects_2018_as_reported

4h Resolution for NBRC Grant

4h NBRC Grant

4i Richmond Rescue Communication

4i Town Government Documents from Richmond Rescue

5 Minutes of the 4-15-19 Selectboard Meeting



Selectboard Meeting of 4/15/19

Selectboard Agenda for 4-15-19

2a Round Church Green map


2b2 Class 2 Roadway Grant

2b3 Structures Grant

2b4 Access Permit

2b5 TA 60 Annual Financial Plan PDF Form FY20

2c Richmond EVSE Grant Application Round 2 -DRAFT 2

2c Richmond EVSE Grant Application Round 2 Attachments -DRAFT 2

2f Hatchet Outside Consumption Permit

3b1 LEMP_Template_ShortForm_Richmond as of April 11, 2019

3b2 Richmond_2017_LEMP_Annexes

3b3 LEMP Municipal Adoption Form as of April 11, 2019

3e Municipal Calendar 2019 (updated 4-10-19)

3i 2018 Richmond Rescue Statistics

Selectboard Minutes of 4-1-19


Selectboard Meeting of 4/1/19

Selectboard Agenda for 4-1-19

4a Email Re EVSE Grant

4a Richmond EVSE Grant Application Round 2 Attachments -DRAFT 1

4a Richmond EVSE Grant Application Round 2 -DRAFT 1

4a email from Steve Bower re signs

4a EV Sign Installation policy VTRANS

4b Richard’s Ride RTF Cochran Rd Closure Request

4c Links to Rooted in Vermont Course Maps

4c Rooted Vermont Press Release 2

5a General Fund

5a Highway Fund

5b Cruiser lease and unassigned funds

5e Sb Town Plan Actions

5c Appointment Process

5c Government officials quick reference

5j Municipal Calendar 2019

5k 2018 Richmond Rescue Statistics

6a Minutes of 3/18/19


Selectboard Meeting of 3/18/19

Selectboard Agenda for 3-18-19

3b Liquor SB approval

3c Email Re EV Charging Station

3c Richmond EVSE Grant Application 30-Nov-2018

3d Town Center Survey Results – Comments

3d Town Center Survey Results – Data

3d P&Z Memo Re_ Town Center Building

4a Sb Town Plan Actions

4c Letter of Notification

4c NBRC Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Program Application Manual

Minutes for the Selectboard Meeting of February 19

Minutes for the Selectboard Meeting of March 4


Selectboard Meeting of 3/4/19

Selectboard Agenda for 3-4-19

1a FY2020 Town Mtg Presentation draft 1

2b Richmond_FY20_UPWP_App (1)

2d Round Church Historic Site Marker Rehabilitation

2e SB Letter of Support


Selectboard Meeting of 2/19/19

Selectboard Agenda for 2-19-19

1a Town of Richmond, Vermont – 2018 ACL

1a Town of Richmond, Vermont – 2018 Audit Report

1a Town of Richmond, Vermont – 2018 ML

2a SH 1 – Overall Site Plan (Bear Creek Ln) 2-12-19

2b SB Letter of Support

2c revised east main outfall quote 2-4-19

2d Selectboard Resolution Village Ctr Designation 21919

2d Village Center Map

2e alternative authorized rep

2h Town Center Survey Landing Page

2h Town Center Survey

2i Activity Report 01_07-02_05_19

3a minutes from Selectboard meeting of 2-4-19


Selectboard Meeting of 2/4/19

Selectboard Agenda for 2-4-19

1a LIA Projects and Activities 2019

2b SB Town Plan Actions

2g East Main Stormwater Outfall Project – GME Budget

2g revised east main outfall quote 2-4-19

2i Gas Tax1.30.19

2j Town Officials Quick Reference

2m Community Resilience Group

2o Community and Economic Development Forum

2o Thank you from COTS

3 SB Minutes of 1-22-19


Selectboard Meeting of 1/22/19

Selectboard Agenda for 1-22-19

2a Town Budget Draft 7 for 012219


2d RiseVT Mini Grant Application – Town of Richmond Community Outreach Program

2d RiseVT Mini Grant Application – Town of Richmond Recreation Committee.

2d UPWP December-3rd-Selectboard-Minutes-UPWP Prelim Approval


2d UPWP Letter from Stone

2e Renewal Lease with Post Office

2f Appointment Process

2h Police Activity Report 12_04-01_07

2j Certificate of Highway Mileage FY20

2k Preliminary Plans to Richmond 011019

2n Ford Explorer Update

3a DRAFT Selectboard Minutes 1-7-19


Selectboard Meeting of 1/7/19

1a Selectboard Agenda for 1-7-19

1b Appropriations Summary

1b Age Well FY20 Request

1b COTS FY20 Request

1b CUSI FY20 Request

1b FPF FY20 Request

1b GBIC FY20 Request

1b Hale & Hearty FY20 Request

1b Howard Center FY20 Request

1b Lund FY20 Request

1b MMCTV FY20 Request

1b Our Community Cares Camp FY20 Request

1b Richmond Community Band FY20 Request

1b Richmond Rescue FY20 Request

1b Email from Mike at Richmond Rescue

1b Vermont Family Network FY20 Request

1b VNA Visiting Nurse FY20 Request

1b VT Ctr for Independent Living FY20 Request

1c Richmond SB Memo – Andrews Forest Recommendations (1)

1c Appendix D. Andrews CFMC – Bylaws -10-30-2018 VERS

1c Berne Broudy – Andrews Forest

1c Brad Elliott – Andrews Forest

1c Cathleen Gent – Andrews Forest

1c Cecilia Danks – Andrews Forest

1c Chase Rosenberg – Andrews Forest

1c Ellen Kraft – Andrews Forest

1c Geoffrey Urbanik – Andrews Forest

1c Guy Roberts – Andrews Forest

1c Jack Linn – Andrews Forest

1c Jim Monahan – Andrews Forest

1c Marcy Harding – Andrews Forest

1c Pete Halvorsen – Andrews Forest

1c Rob Peterson – Andrews Forest

1c Scott Cole – Andrews Forest

1c Trevien Stanger – Andrews Forest

1c Tyler Merritt – Andrews Forest

1c Wright Preston – Andrews Forest

1d VEMltrcost overrun

2b Budget Draft 6 01 07 19

2b Changes from Draft 5 to Draft 6

2c Draft Letter of Support – Selectboard

3a Minutes of 12-17-18

3b Minutes of 12-19-18



Special Meeting of the Selectboard of 12/19/18

12-19-2018 Select Board Special Meeting Agenda

Community Outreach Agreement

Community Outreach Team FY20 Budget


FY20 Budget General Fund Draft 4 121718


Selectboard Meeting of 12/17/18

1 12-17-18 Selectboard Agenda

1a GL Grant Procurement Policy

1a RTP Pre-Application 2019 – Town of Richmond VT

1a RTP proposal map – Town of Richmond

1b EVSE Grant email

2a 130 Cote Rd. Map

2a Glebe Lots Statute

2a RID18-006 (Cote) QCD Glebe Int 18-12-14

2a RID18-007 (Cote) 1061 Glebe 18-12-14 REA

2b Access Permit Application for Southview Dr. MAP

2b Access Permit Application for Southview Dr.

2c National School Choice Week Email

2c National School Choice Week Proclamation

2d Police Activity Report 11_13-12_04_18


3a Minutes from SB 12-3-18

3b 12-10-2018 Special Selectboard Meeting Minutes DRAFT