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The following positions are up for election this year. Filing deadline is January 26th by 5:00 pm.
Selectboard: Three-year term; two-year term

Richmond Elementary School Director (terms officially end on June 30, 2015, however, the terms shown identify the distinct seat that would be filled): 3year term; 2 year term; 1year of

3 year term; 2 years of 3 year term

Union School Director: 3 year term

Library Trustee 5 year term

Cemetery Commissioner 5 year term

Constable 1 year term

Moderator 1 year term

See Linda Parent, Town Clerk, for more information or call 434-2221.

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Due to an unsafe building condition, the sidewalk will be closed in front of the former Bridge Street Cafe. The owner is aware of the condition and will be repairing the building shortly. The sidewalk closure is expected to last several weeks. Pedestrian traffic should follow Bridge Street behind the existing parking spaces. Posted 12-31-2014.

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Due to the weather, Camels Hump Middle School is closed. The Public Hearing for the Gateway Zoning Regulations will now be in the Town Center Meeting Room, 203 Bridge Street, Richmond at 7:00 PM. If you have questions, please call 434-5170.

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Richmond Rescue won the prestigious Ambulance Service of the Year award from the State of Vermont Department of Health today. They have recently improved their organizational management resulting in a major turn-around with response time over past years and their in-service days are now approaching 1,000. Volunteer numbers and participation has increased significantly since 2012 and they have been successful in getting effective and stable financial agreements with towns in their service area. They have begun a Media Outreach program to raise public awareness of the role of EMS in the community and are on the cutting edge by being first in-State with adoption and implementation of new protocols. The Richmond area offers a wide variety of response environments from mountain trails to interstate, creating an interesting, challenging and attractive climate for younger members. Please join me in congratulating the squad for their accomplishments!


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The Town of Richmond is happy to announce the launch of a new Municipal Website. The site boasts an intuitive navigation, mobile friendly design, and detailed government information. In addition to these features, information regarding departments, a meeting minutes section, and an area for the most requested items have been included to make it easy for site visitors to find information and contacts quickly. The website was made possible by the assistance of The Snelling Center for Government through the Vermont Digital Economy Project, an Economic Development Grant awarded to the Vermont Council on Rural Development