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Recreation Committee history

Established early 70’s

  • Help to create Volunteers Green:
    • One ballfield, a sand box, locally made swing set and climbing apparatus
    • Established a concert series with town funds
    • Help sponsor a Red Cross swim lesson program at Lake Iroquios

1980’s – 2000

  • Band shell built in the early 1980’s – flat area created with the concrete deck from the Bridge St bridge as fill
  • Landscaping installed in the bandstand area with funds donated in memory of a deceased town resident Jay Ladensack – 1982 – originally maintained by volunteers and Rec Committee members
  • Installed the roadway along the north property line: Rec Committee members installed posts along the roadway and manually created speed dips to slow traffic
  • Expanded the fields to three using town funds, donations and funds raised by fund raising events; soccer fields added later
  • Had the bathroom/concession facility built with the help of Town funds, donated labor and materials and fund raising – needed to meet with the Army Corp of Engineers to secure permission to build in the flood plain
  • Dugouts built with donated concrete from ST Griswold
  • Started the Fall soccer league – designed to give all kids a chance to play – no tryouts
  • Installed a new swing set and 2 backstops with donations and town funds
  • Hired the mowers until the Town Highway dept took over the mowing
  • Secured musicians for the concert series
  • Co-sponsored with the Library for 3 summers a day camp called Winooski Lore – focused on Richmond’s history from the days of the Abenaki to more modern times – each year the time period was different
  • During the winter sponsored movie nights up at CHMS
  • Helped organize, with the 6th grade team at CHMS, a Fun Fair night for middle school students
  • Convinced the Fire Dept, original organizers of the 4th of July celebrations, to move the activities from CHMS down to Volunteers Green
  • Playground equipment installed with funds raised mainly by Sue Pochop from bottle drives, duck races, bake sales and other fund raisers
  • Helped Don Dresser start up and run  many of the 4th of July Fun run


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rec Committee is re-established and new members are appointed
  • Developed vision, mission, and goals
  • Began working through citizen identified priorities, as outlined in the 2018 Town Plan
  • Hired an intern to assist with community recreation opportunity promotion
  • Purchased lawn games for community use at Volunteers Green
  • Co-sponsored the purchase of picnic tables for the Library
  • Applied for VOREC grant for playground replacement funding
  • 2023 WORK PLAN​​​​​​​