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Work Plan

Rec Committee Work Plan Table 2023 Priorities (Discussed 12.6.2022)

Work plan items are informed by the 2018 Town Plan, 2021 Recreation Survey, and committee goals.

I. Area: Volunteers Green

A. Identify repairs and maintenance and improvement priorities for various funds (e.g. Capital Plan using reserve funds, ARPA, Conservation Funds)
B. Collect input from community on the improvements to playground
C. Recruit volunteers for community clean up in spring and/or summer months

II. Area: Funding/Grant Writing
A. Identify which of the three funding sources (Conservation Commission, reserve
funds for Capital Plan, and ARPA) to use for the improvements to the Volunteers Green
B. Develop a work plan (list of actions) to request funding from the three sources.
1.Submit needed information to the Selectboard for the Capital Plan in January.
2.Request to the Conservation Commission to be determined.
3.ARPA will send recommendations to Selectboard - what else can be done.

III. Area: Outreach and Education:
A. Website updated.
B. Training on how to add to the web and update as needed.
C. Comments are collected on website and linked to other towns. May also put a code up on VG.

IV. Recruitment of Volunteers and Board Members

A. Senior Center newsletter.
B. Recruit at spring community cleanup day.
C. Front Porch Forum and other social media.