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Andrews Community Forest 8/28/23

  • Monday, August 28, 2023
    PM – 8 PM

Topic: Andrews Community Forest


ACFC Minutes 08-28-23 92 KB

Approved on: Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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ACFC Minutes 08-28-23 92 KB

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Andrews Community Forest Committee
Regular Meeting Agenda
Monday, August 28, 2023 - 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Location: Richmond Town Center Meeting Conf. Room A, 3rd Floor – 203 Bridge Street
Meeting will be held in person but may also be joined online or by phone
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 870 0932 2152
Passcode: 399802
Join by phone: dial 1 929 205 6099 (NY)  
Find your local number:
6:00 pm  Start recording Zoom. Welcome, Roll call, confirm quorum, appoint Minute-taker and Timer for this meeting
6:05 pm  Additions/Changes to Agenda; and reminder on provisions for comments etc. from public in attendance.  (Public in person please identify themselves).
6:10 pm  July 31, 2023 minutes.  Discussion to identify ACFC Chairperson(s) and vote to forward to Selectboard.  (10 minutes)
6:20 pm  Report on Aug 14 special Selectboard meeting with ACFC.meeting  (Minutes and recording available at SB page at Town website).  
Actions emerging from joint SB/ACFC meeting on August 14th. (5 min)
•    Recruitment process aligned with both ACFC by-laws and town practices
•    Keeping lines of communication open between ACFC and SB
•    Review and possible revision of by-laws to be considered in the future, perhaps with CMP revision
•    Assistance by Richmond town professionals, e.g. Planner Keith Oborne
•    Resources to hire additional assistance on a one-time basis
Public Comment: (5 min)
6:30 pm  Recruiting new members:  Review procedure (in packet) to review applicants and act on TC and RCC recommendations at September meeting. (10 min)
Public Comment: (5 min)
6:45 pm  Filling other voids left by ACFC member resignations.
Identify responsibilities that need new assignments: e.g. Trail Stewardship Committee, Liaison to Velco, Communications, Land Acknowledgement/ Indigenous rights and engagement (10 min)
Public Comment: (5 min)
7:00 pm Subcommittees’ reports (In packet):
A.  Trail Stewardship Plan  (Chase R.)
•    Updates on progress by subcommittee (2 min)
•    Discussion of unresolved topics by full ACFC (8 min)
•    Public comment (5 min)
B.  Comprehensive Management Plan  (Melissa W.)
•    Updates on progress and identification of key issues by subcommittee (10 min)
•    Discussion & initial feedback with ACFC (10 min) (Note: This is not an in-depth review of this early draft but rather an opportunity for clarification and input to the process.)
•    Planning for review of draft by full ACFC (5 min)
•    Public comment (5 min)
7:45 pm  Discussion of timeframe and process for public review & comment on both subcommittee reports and finalization prior to incorporation in revised CMP (10 min)
•    Assistance in adding revisions to MP prior to review by TC, RCC and VLT
•    Assistance from town planner Keith Oborne
•    Additional mapping needs?
•    Public Comment: (5 minutes)
Confirm Next meeting: standardize to 4th Monday at 6pm as indicated on town website – so September 28th.
8:00 pm  Adjourn