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Town Meeting 2022

The Selectboard has voted to suspend traditional Town Meeting in 2022 due to the spread of COVID-19. The Vermont Legislature passed Act 77 which allowed the Selectboard to vote to use Australian ballot (paper ballot) for Town Meeting in 2022. Therefore, all Town Meeting items will be moved to Australian ballot, and the traditional Town Meeting format has been cancelled in 2022.

This page contains information related to the Australian ballot items for Town Meeting 2022. Informational meetings regarding the budget and other items on the ballot will be held on Tuesday, February 1 and Monday, February 28, each beginning at 7pm. Both of these meetings will be held virtually with no in person meeting location. See the Town Meeting Warning for more information on how to join these meetings. Use this document for clickable links to join the Informational Meetings for Town Meeting.

Please call or email Town Manager Josh Arneson with any questions: 802-434-5170 or jarneson@

Town Meeting Voting and Information Hearings

Article 1: Election of Town Officers

  • The election of Town Officers will not be discussed at the Information Hearings.

Article 2: FY23 Budget

Article 3: Conservation Reserve Fund