Current Status is GREEN
Richmond Highway’s winter operations are at great risk of being severely interrupted due to the pandemic. The department has enough drivers to cover each route with very few personnel available for back-up in the event that employees are sick and cannot work. The Town will remain diligent in ensuring highway crews are safe and healthy during the pandemic which means employees will not be allowed to work if they are sick. Winter storms may occur that cannot be fully covered in a timely fashion by plow or sidewalk crews. Delays will occur and the expected current service levels will be negatively impacted.

Alert Levels
The Town has implemented an alert system for this upcoming season to inform residents what service level they can expect depending on available resources and winter storm severity. There are three alert levels: green, yellow, and red. Alert levels will be updated as staffing levels change.

Green Phase:
Highway crews can maintain service levels historically provided. One employee may be out due to short term illness or a truck may be inoperative but generally service levels can be maintained. If a major snow or ice event occurs, there will be delays but those delays will be consistent with past experience.

Yellow Phase:
If only 75% of the CDL licensed crew is available, operations may be delayed 4 to 8 hours due to the unavailability of crews or the severity and duration of the storm event or a combination of both. Primary routes and hill sections will be covered. Coverage on flat secondary roads and sidewalks may be delayed until equipment and personnel are available. Some vehicles may be diverted from normal routes to assist emergency responders. This designation may impact school openings or closings and bus pick-ups, depending upon the severity of the storm and the timing.

Red Phase:
If 50% of the CDL licensed crew or less is available to provide winter services, road clearing operations will be severely impacted with possible delays from 12 to 24 hours; sidewalks may not get started until the storm event is over. This alert level will likely impact school openings or closings and bus pick-ups, depending upon the severity of the storm and the timing.

Information on Snow Plow Status will also be posted on Front Porch Forum and on the sign in front of the Town Center. You can also sign up here for emergency alerts which will include updates when the Snow Plow Status changes. Please be sure to select “Transportation” when filling out your profile in the VT-Alert System.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The alert system does not replace other emergency alert systems/declarations or school decisions regarding opening or closure. The only relevance is to expected road and sidewalk conditions and delays in providing road and sidewalk clearing operations over the period of a winter storm and immediately after the storm. School closures will be determined by the MMUUSD.

The Richmond Highway Department appreciates the cooperation and understanding of residents while we navigate this winter season. For any questions or additional information contact the Town Manager, Josh Arneson at 802-434-5170 or