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Total Solar Eclipse in Richmond Vermont on Monday, April 8, 2024

Posted Friday, March 15, 2024
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The Town of Richmond is in the path of totality for the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. Totality will begin at about 3:25pm and last for about 3 minutes. A complete schedule is below.

Eclipse Schedule:

Eclipse Path of Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 (

Partial begins - Apr 8 at 2:14:29 pm

Full begins - Apr 8 at 3:26:31 pm

Maximum - Apr 8 at 3:27:59 pm

Full ends - Apr 8 at 3:29:27 pm

Partial ends - Apr 8 at 4:37:32 pm


The State is expecting a large influx of people into the path of totality. There will be traffic, so please be patient with increased traffic due to the eclipse. The State is also asking people visiting the path of totality to arrive early and leave late to avoid increasing traffic in the hours immediately before and after the eclipse. Please pass this along to any friends or family who will be visiting from out of town. 

Volunteers’ Green

Richmond does not have any eclipse events planned but we are expecting that there will be a gathering of people at Volunteers’ Green. Early April is a time of year when weather and ground conditions can vary greatly. These conditions will determine if the park road and parking along that road are open. As of Thursday, April 4, we are receiving a large amount of snow. We do expect this snow to melt quickly with above freezing temperatures and dry conditions for the weekend, but we will have to assess the condition of the park road and the parking along the road at the end of the weekend to determine if they will be open on Monday. If the park road and parking along the road is closed it is because the ground is too soft to support vehicles, please obey the closure if it is closed. There is a paved parking area at the Green which will be open and municipal parking lots throughout the Town which can be accessed.


Find municipal parking areas on this map: Parking - Town of Richmond, VT (

A reminder, parking is not allowed on the traveled portion of any road.

Private Property

Please be respectful of private property and do not trespass.

Esplanade St. Will Be Closed

Esplanade St. runs parallel to the park road. This street will be closed on Monday, April 8. This is a residential street with no off road parking and no vehicle access to Volunteers’ Green. Please respect this closure.

Town Departments Closing at Noon on Monday, April 8

Town Departments are closing at noon on Monday, April 8 in an effort to get employees home and off the roads as traffic congestion is expected later in the afternoon.


Trails within Richmond are not signed as open or closed, but trail users are asked to stay off muddy trails. Please be respectful of the environment and avoid trails that are muddy.

Eclipse Glasses

Both the Town Center and Library are out of their supply of eclipse glasses. Glasses are available at some local retailers. Please ensure that you have a pair of eclipse glasses and do not look directly at the sun without ecplips glasses.