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Town Office Front Portico Pickup/Dropoff

Posted Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Thank you to the entire community for all the generous donations of items, time, and energy during the past three weeks.  There are so many ways we have helped each other out through these tough times.

The Richmond Town Office Front Portico has been used as a convenient pickup and dropoff spot for essential supplies. Please help us coordinate equipment getting back to the rightful owners.  

*If you are looking for supplies you lent out then they might be on the Front Portico.  Currently we have several buckets, coolers, fans, wet vacs, hoses, dehumidifiers.  Please swing by sometime this week to pick up anything that might be yours.

*If you have any supplies labeled with the "Town of Richmond" then you can drop those off at the Front Portico, specifically 4 dehumidifiers.

*If you have any questions or concerns about any supplies you lent or borrowed then please leave me an email or phone message so I can help you follow up (Duncan Wardwell, Assistant to the Town Manager, or 802-336-2092).