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Town Center and Library 6/12/24

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2024
    PM – 8:30 PM

Town Center and Library Buildings Committee

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Town of Richmond  
Town Center and Library Buildings Committee
Wednesday June 12, 2024 Meeting, 7-8:30 pm
Richmond Town Center Meeting 3rd Floor – 203 Bridge Street  
Meeting may also be joined online or by phone

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a)    Chair plans to appoint each committee member to manage a portion of the review work, along these functional lines: sitework, electrical, HVAC, structural, layout, schedule 
b)    Brief comments or thoughts by committee members before we start
c)    Added to this agenda from the 5/22/24 TC meeting: conduct a grant search, with schedule & type for: FEMA flood- mitigation, historical, energy, rural devmt money (note – previous committee may have this?
d)    Begin review of Black River Design (“BRD”) drawing package that was received by Lisa from Josh (BRD is not attending)
e)    Decide if any of the design elements are to be eliminated from future plans. 
f)    Begin detailing which portions of the renovation work are desired to be accomplished independently (e.g., HVAC, windows, P.O., site restoration, electrical). The sequence of work should be advised by BRD
g)    Begin documenting our request to BRD for accomplishing our mandate: minimizing overall cost and improving employee safety.
h)    After the TC Committee can define a new scope of work (SOW), then analysis and comment by BRD will be requested, which from our 5/8/24 meeting includes: 
a.    How much previous design work is reuseable
b.    How will overall cost be minimized; discuss how to achieve
c.    Identify stand-alone phases of work that can be accomplished (e.g., HVAC, windows, P.O., site restoration, electrical) independently
d.    Clarify what historical-status constraints exist
i)    Agenda for next meeting (note – this list of a. through f. will be the same for several future meetings agendas, with progress briefly summarized)