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Recreation 4/2/24

  • Tuesday, April 2, 2024
    PM – 9 PM

Topic: Recreation Committee

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Town of Richmond 
Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda
Tuesday April 2, 2024, at 7 - 8:30 PM
Hybrid- Town Office Conference Room, 3rd Floor

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Meeting ID: 863 5730 2307  
Passcode: 639340 
I.    Call to Order (by 7:05pm)
II.    Welcome 
III.    Public comment for non-agenda items (7:05-7:15)
IV.    Business: (7:40 - 8:30) 
     A. Administration: 
    i.    Approval of Minutes from: March 5, 2024
B. March 18, Selectboard meeting about Rec Committee Structure, Goals, Member Recruitment: resource draft minutes see page 3.
i.    Debrief, decisions, and follow up actions. 
  ii.    Discuss request spring inspection for the playground that was repaired two times last year due to flooding. 
iii.    Recruitment of new committee members and volunteers - develop an action plan for the next three months.
C.    April 1, Selectboard meeting follow up actions.
D.    Collaborations regarding the work of the 3 Parks Committee. also see Selectboard March 18 draft minutes pages 3-4 and report out 3 Parks Committee March 14 meeting.
i.    Updates on playground structure - do we have any formal recommendations?
    1.    From last meeting Kirsten recommendations:
a.    If the playground is moved up, the proximity to the riverbed should be taken into consideration and some sort of barrier for safety would be needed. 
b.    And if it cannot be moved then Kirsten felt that thought should be put into where you place different structure pieces and pieces that are already at ground level but also allow for a lot of water to pass through should be chosen.
c.    Kirsten mentioned concrete barriers (Jersey Barriers) to help protect the playground from flooding on the parking lot side may be an option. 
ii.    Action steps moving forward through May 7 (Kate and Sheri’s last meeting). 
E.    Plans to review, update, or revise the work plan.
F.    Next meeting on May 7, 2024:   Next meeting agenda items. 
G.    Adjourn: 8:30