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Recreation 11/15/22

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2022
    PM – 8:30 PM

Topic: Recreation Committee


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Approved on: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Town of Richmond - Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022 at 7 - 8:30 PM
Hybrid- Town Office Conference Room, 3rd Floor

Join Zoom Meeting: 
Join by phone: (929) 205-6099  
Meeting ID: 863 5730 2307 

I.    Call to Order (by 7:05pm)
II.    Welcome and Roll Call  
III.    Public comment for non-agenda items (7:05-7:15)
IV.    Business: (7:40 - 8:30)
a.    Administration: (Sheri)
i.    Request to waive the Park Fee for Halloween Event.
ii.    Approval of Minutes from previous meeting: Sept 6, 2022 
iii.    Meeting Schedule: remainder of 2022; Switch Nov 1 meeting (Sheri away).  Dec 6 do we want to cancel or meet?
b.    Area: Volunteers Green: 
i.    Review revised feedback/inquiry form: Purposes- provide people the opportunity to give feedback and get a feel for what people want to see, general comments, know what people like doing so we can focus our time and funds on supporting those things, and potential to target questions about Volunteer’s Green playground. See sample questions to choose from at this link (  Next Steps: 
1.    Reaching out to other committees to get input on what questions should be on the survey and to have them help us promote the survey.
2.    Finalize survey questions and committee test it.
3.    Timeline to release it to whom, and when (e.g., Senior Newsletter).
ii.    Inventory Report Out on Volunteers Green: (Kate) What are the priorities immediate and long term?  
iii.    Review work plan: successes and what is next
c.    Area: Funding/Grant Writing: 
i.    Discuss ARPA funds for Volunteers Green - VT League of Cities and Towns ARPA guidelines it lists park improvements as an allowed use. I also found this website with more information specific to Parks and Recreation: 
ii.    Discuss Conservation Funds (Kate)
d.    Discus request to the Selectboard for Capital Plan Budget discussions
Area: Outreach and Education:
i.    Recruitment of Volunteers and Board Members
ii.    Review work plan: successes and what is next
e.    Next meeting:  set agenda items
f.    Motion to Adjourn: 8:30