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New Parking Patterns in Richmond

Posted Monday, July 3, 2023


New Parking Patterns in Richmond

Dugway Road and East Cochran Road

July 3, 2023

The Richmond Selectboard and Richmond Parking Advisory Committee have announced new parking guidelines and restrictions for the popular recreational areas near the Huntington River along Dugway Road and near the Winooski River access point near the Jonesville Bridge. The changes are in response to unsafe parking practices the past two summers.

To ensure the passage of emergency vehicles on Dugway Road, there will be no vehicle parking along the north side of the road for a 2-mile stretch. This will affect those visiting the Huntington River access points such as Triple Buckets and the Huntington Gorge. There will still be parking only in legal roadside spots off the traveled portion of the roadway on the south side.

Due to traffic and safety concerns, there will be no parking on either side of the eastern end of Cochran Road from the Duxbury Road intersection to the Edmunds Bridge (over the Huntington River). In addition, there will be no general parking in the Richmond Land Trust Bombardier Meadow, which was a temporary parking area created during the COVID pandemic. This will affect those who are seeking river access to the Winooski and Huntington Rivers. There will still be pedestrian public access to the Winooski River through the Bombardier Meadow, and limited legal roadside parking off the traveled portion of the roadway, adjacent to the Jonesville Bridge.

We welcome visitors in Richmond to enjoy the rivers through the many other access points. The Town supports river access at our Volunteer’s Green, Overocker Park, the Checkered Bridge parking, and the Edmunds Bridge parking. The Richmond Land Trust has parking at the Huntington Gorge, the Beeken Canoe Access off Cochran Road, and an additional grass parking area right next to the Beeken canoe access. There are legal parking spots along Dugway Road, off the traveled portion of the road.

Even though Richmond has created more than 50 additional recreational parking spaces in our town, we do have limited capacity for parking. When our parking is full, please come back and visit us another time.

Josh Arneson, Town Manager