Exhibits For Public Hearing To Consider Discontinuance Of A Portion Of The Class 4 Section of Town Highway 20

Exhibit List (Final with minutes and recording)


Exhibit 1: Petition

Exhibit 1A Petition

Exhibit 1B Map on back of petition


Exhibit 2: Notice of Hearing, Change of location, and posting

Exhibit 2A Notice of Hearing

Exhibit 2B Memo regarding Posting of Notice

Exhibit 2C Certified Mail Receipts

Exhibit 2D Proof of Delivery Samples

Exhibit 2E Tear Sheet from Seven Days for Hearing Notice

Exhibit 2F Planning Commission Minutes of 8-4-21

Exhibit 2G Notice of Change of Location for Hearing

Exhibit 2H Memo regarding posting of Notice of Change of Location for Hearing

Exhibit 2I Tear Sheet from Seven Days for Change of Location for Hearing

Exhibit 2J Memo regarding site inspection

Exhibit 2K Sign in sheet for hearing

Exhibit 2L Memo and email regarding Bard Hill Site Visit


Exhibit 3: Maps and Survey Work

Exhibit 3A Richmond Mileage 2019 AOT Map

Exhibit 3B Williams Hill Sketch

Exhibit 3C Information from Surveyor Chris Haggerty

Exhibit 3D Maps provided by Jack Linn at the hearing


Exhibit 4: Policies

Exhibit 4A Town Highway Repairs Policy

Exhibit 4B Policy for Palmer Lane


Exhibit 5: State Aid

Exhibit 5A Memo regarding State Aid for Class 4 Roads

Exhibit 5B 19 VSA § 306


Exhibit 6: Municipal Roads General Permit

Exhibit 6A Memo regarding MRGP rules for Class 4 Roads

Exhibit 6B MRGP FAQ

Exhibit 6C MRGP Road Erosion Inventory Segment Compliance


Exhibit 7: Memos from Town Committees

Exhibit 7A Memo from Virginia Clarke, Planning Commission Chair 9-16-21

Exhibit 7B Memo from Cathleen Gent, Transportation Committee Chair 9-20-21

Exhibit 7C Memo from William Lee, Trails Committee Chair, 9-21-21


Exhibit 8: Letters and Emails and Attachments

Exhibit 8A Email from Erik Filkorn 9-16-21

Exhibit 8B Email from Fran Thomas 9-17-21

Exhibit 8C Email from Jane Vossler 9-17-21

Exhibit 8D Email from Jean Bressor 7-9-21

Exhibit 8E Email from John Linn 9-10-21

Exhibit 8F Email from Joseph L. Linn 7-6-21

Exhibit 8G Email from Mark Aiken 8-8-21

Exhibit 8H Email from Matt Tabasko 9-5-21 with map

Exhibit 8I Email from Peter Moore 8-13-21 with Amend Beatty Lane Maintenance Agreement

Exhibit 8J Email from Peter Moore 9-6-21 with Archaeological Resources Assessment

Exhibit 8K Email from Joan Hathaway re-submitted 9-20-21

Exhibit 8L Letter from Joan Hathaway – received 9-20-21

Exhibit 8M Letter from Richmond Climate Action – received 9-20-21

Exhibit 8N Letter from Bruce Hathaway – received 9-20-21

Exhibit 8 O Letter from Joy Reap 9-20-21

Exhibit 8P Letter from Sleepy Hollow Inn 9-20-21

Exhibit 8Q Letter from Julia Parke and Elizabeth Parke 9-13-21

Exhibit 8R Email from Max Krieger 9-20-21

Exhibit 8S Email from Timothy Burgher 9-20-21

Exhibit 8T Email from Otie Filkorn – 9-16-21

Exhibit 8U Letter from Don Harrington and Dana Hutchinson – 9-21-21

Exhibit 8V Email from Alexandra McAleer 9-21-21

Exhibit 8W Email from Patricia Gilbert 9-21-21

Exhibit 8X Email from Quinn Keating 9-21-21

Exhibit 8Y Written statement from Jack Linn 9-21-21

Exhibit 8Z Written statement from Lauck Parke 9-21-21

Exhibit 8AA Written statement from Doreen Marquis 9-21-21 Exhibit

8AB Email from Peter Moore submitted 9-21-21 Exhibit

8AC Email from Peter Moore submitted 9-21-21

Exhibit 8AD Email from Peter Moore with Deeds attached submitted 9-21-21

Exhibit8AE Email from Peter Moore 9-21-21

Exhibit 8AF Email from Peter Moore with memo attached 9-21-21

Exhibit 8AG Email from Peter Moore with petition page attached 9-21-21


9 Minutes and Recording

9A Minutes

9B Recording