BreadLoaf Corporation performed a facilities assessment on the town’s existing buildings that was completed in the spring of 2018. The full report can be found here: Breadloaf Richmond Facilities Assessment 


The Richmond Town Center is currently home to the municipal offices, supervisory union offices, Radiate Art, and the Post Office. The supervisory union has made plans to move elsewhere, and the Post Office has requested upgrades as part of their lease agreement. Radiate Art leases the basement space. Breadloaf Corporation has given the selectboard an analysis of upgrades that the Town Center is in need of, and these can be found on the “Breadloaf  Facilities Assessment Summary for Town Center” sheet.


As of June 30th, 2018, the fund balance allocated for these purposes was $342,884 (Town Center Maintenance Fund). The Post Office currently pays $93,666.00 per year in rent, and the S.U. pays $42,318 per year in rent. Both of those rents are assigned to the Town Center Maintenance Fund. By June 30th, 2019 the fund balance should be about $450,000-$480,000.


The selectboard would like to ask the voters what ideas or visions they have for the Town Center building. How should the spaces be used? What renovations should be made? Please provide your ideas in this form: