At their meeting on February 3, 2020 the Richmond Selectboard voted to amend the Traffic Ordinance. 

publication of Traffic ordinance 2019-01 to post

2020 Traffic Ordinance amendment as adopted by the SB

Notice of amendment to Municipal Park Ordinance:

Ordinance 2019-01 Amending Municipal Park Ordinance


Notice of repeal for Development Fee Ordinance:

BFP publication of ordinance 2012-04

Development Fee Ordinance and Amendments


Planning and Zoning:

Zoning & Subdivision Regulations

Richmond Zoning Regulations (November 2020)

2009 Richmond Subdivision Regs

Periphery Setback Requirements for Jolina Court Zoning District

Richmond Zoning Map (Effective August 2020)


Public Improvement Specifications and Standards

FINAL Richmond Public Improvement Standards 2016


FINAL Rural Road Specifications and Standards 2016


Road Name Ordinance

2007 Revised Road Name and Addressing Ordinance


Traffic Ordinance

Traffic Ordinance – current as of 3-24-2017 This version does not include the 2020 amendment listed below.

2020 Traffic Ordinance amendment as adopted by the SB


Fee Schedule

Current Fee Schedule, Last amended 9-8-20

FINAL Tech Review Procedure and Standards June 5 2015

Final Fee Schedule, Effective 7-1-2021



2012 Municipal Park Ordinance amended

2004 municipal parks map 1

Municipal Park Ordinance Amendment 2019-10 – Signed

BFP warning notice 2017-02 Traffic Ordinance 7-2017 amends distance prohibiting parking within intersections – public hearing August 7, 2017

2015-04 Animal Control Ordinance signed

1996 Public Indecency Ordinance

2007 Traffic Ordinance


Water Resource Department:

2020 Water System Rules Amendment
1972 Sewer Ordinance

1996 Water Source Protection Ordinance

1992 Allocation Ordinance

Richmond Water Ordinance 1979