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The Board of Listers/Assessor maintains the town’s Grand List, which is a summary of all property values in town.  The Listers/Assessor inspect new and changed property, compile and analyze sales data, provide the public with assessment information, supply the Department of Property Valuation and Review reports, and perform other miscellaneous duties.

In 2008, the Town of Richmond completed a revaluation of properties in Richmond.  Please refer to the current Tax Rate Summary to calculate tax based on your property’s valuation.  For more information about Richmond’s Tax Rates and Property Taxes please contact the Richmond Financial Department.  The Division of Property Valuation & Review (PVR) has determined that Richmond’s Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) is at 97.93% as of December 2013.

Homestead Declaration

For tax purposes, property is classified as either homestead or nonresidential.  These property classes are subject to the education tax and municipal tax at different rates.  To be taxed at the homestead rate, the property owner must file a Homestead Declaration with the Vermont Department of Taxes declaring that he or she is a Vermont resident who owns and occupies the property as his or her principal dwelling as of April 1.  The Declaration is due each year on or before April 15.  To ensure that property buyers pay the correct tax rate and avoid penalty for late-filed Homestead Declarations, declare Homesteads by April 15th.

Current Use

The properties enrolled in this program consist of agricultural land, forest land, conservation land and farm buildings.  New Current Use Applications are now available on the State of Vermont Department of Taxes website.  The applications were updated as of November 15, 2013 and all old versions of the application will not be accepted after December 1, 2013.