Water and Sewer Commission Appointments

The Selectboard has until 45 days after the Water and Sewer Annual Meeting to appoint the two user members on the Water and Sewer Commission. Annual meeting was held on May 21, and letters of interest to be appointed to the Water and Sewer Commission are due by May 29. These letters will be reviewed by the Water and Sewer Commission at their June 3 meeting. The Selectboard will then review letters, interview candidates, and make appointments at their June 17 meeting. These are one year terms to be filled by people who are current customers of the Water and Sewer Department. Letters may be submitted to Josh Arneson, Richmond Town Manager, at jarneson@richmondvt.gov

Proposed Utility Connection Permit Policies

Following are drafts of policies related to Utility Connections. This will be a topic of discussion at the June 3 Water and Sewer Commission Meeting. Please feel free to provide feedback on these policies via email to Town Manager Josh Arneson at jarneson@richmondvt.gov or in person a the meeting on June 3.

Public Private System Policy DRAFT 5-15-19

Utility Connection Permit Policy DRAFT 5-15-19

The Water and Sewer Commissioners meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 pm at The Richmond Town Center Building.

Link to Meeting Documents

Link to West Main Utility Extension Project Page

Link to 2019 Consumer Confidence Report


Bard Hill (Chair – Selectboard representative)

Cody Quattrocci (Selectboard representative)

David Sander (Selectboard representative)

Don Morin (Water system customer)

Fran Huntoon (Water system customer)


Meeting Videos: MMCTV Public Meeting Video Archive


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