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The Trails Committee meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Richmond Town Center Building.

The mission of the Trails Committee is to establish paths for non-motorized transportation and recreation in Richmond, to maintain these paths, to link with other towns when feasible, and to promote safe citizen use of these paths.
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Callie Ewald (Co-Chairperson)
Jean Bressor (Co-Chairperson)
Willie Lee
Martha Marciel
Tyler Merritt
Jim Monahan
Ian Stokes
Mike Donohue
Ed Wells

Richmond Trails map:
Richmond Trails Map  or :
Preston Forest Legacy Trails Brochure


Richmond Trails entries at the Trailfinder (Many of these entries have photos of the trails)
Warren and Ruth Beeken Rivershore
Volunteers’ Green Trail
Old Jericho Road Trail
Johnnie Brook Road Trail
Safford Uplands Nature Preserve
Preston Forest Legacy Also, our Brochure.
VYCC Trails


Websites to Neighboring Towns (with links to their Trails Committees, if applicable)
Hinesburg Trails Committee:
Essex Trails Committee:{BD4E87CF-933C-4FB3-AF99-F1E01802B008}
Charlotte Trails Committee:{73F79C3A-3620-4BCC-ADE8-D3CD6A5977FB}
Charlotte Trails:{7F182300-ABDB-43A3-AA73-53F5A962F0AD}
Parks and Trails:

Other Organizations
Local Motion:
Fellowship of the Wheel:


Information for Landowners (Liability, etc.)
Vermont Statute on limited Landowner Liability:
A good summary at:

Vermont Trails and Greenways manual

  • Sample agreements: Pages 24-26
  • Trail Layout and design:  Pages 38-39
  • Considerations about Trails and Liability:  Page 43-44
  • Summary of Agreements (‘licenses’, etc.) Page 44


Trails Committee Minutes and Agendas

Richmond Trails Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7pm at the Town Center, unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Meetings:
September 19 2017
October 17 2017
November 21 2017
December 19 2017

Trails Minutes August 2017
Trails Minutes July 2017
Trails Minutes June 2017
Trails Minutes May 2017
Trails Minutes April 2017
Trails Minutes March 21 2017
Trails Minutes February 2017

Trails Committee Minutes from Years 2014, 2015, 2016: