The Selectboard is looking for 4 Richmond residents to join the Town Center and Library Buildings Committee for renovation of the Town Center and Library. This committee is an advisory committee which will be making recommendations to the Selectboard. (We welcome all residents who are interested in the buildings, but would like at least a few people with building, construction, and/or excavation expertise on the committee)

The committee will also be comprised of a member of the Planning Commission; a Library Trustee; the Town Manager, Josh Arneson; and two members of the Selectboard– the chair of the committee, Christy Witters; and vice-chair of the committee, Katie Mather.

Following the Breadloaf facility assessment of the Town Center and Library in 2018, this committee is charged with reviewing the condition and suitability of the current Town Center and Library and making recommendations for building improvements and renovations. The committee will evaluate renovation options and Breadloaf estimates; assess the Town needs for space in the Town Center and Library buildings; develop and present options to the Selectboard for the renovation and composition of the buildings.

Our vision is that the outcome will meet the current and future needs of the municipal staff and the Richmond community by providing a functional, practical, efficient, and economical facility which the citizens of Richmond will be proud to call their Town Center and Library.

If you are interested in being part of this committee, please submit a letter of interest to the Town Manager, Josh Arneson, by May 10th. Email letters to