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Here you will find a log of documents that the planning commission is working on related to planning and zoning. If you have any questions about the documents and materials found here, please contact Ravi Venkataraman, at . Meeting materials will be posted and possibly exchanged for new drafts up until the day before the meeting occurs. Agendas will be posted on the calendar page in accordance with Open Meeting Law. 


Meeting Packet for 5-20-20

Agenda for 5/20/20 Meeting

Packet for 5/20/20 Meeting

Join Zoom meeting: 

Password for Zoom meeting: 015397


Meeting Packet for 5-6-20

Agenda for 5-6-20 Meeting

Materials for 5-6-20 Meeting

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Meeting Packet for 3-25-20 – CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF QUORUM

Agenda for 3-25-20 Meeting


Meeting Packet for 3-18-20 – CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF QUORUM

Materials for 3-18-20 Planning Commission Meeting

Join call-in meeting: 3/18/2020 Planning Commission Meeting Hosted by FreeConferenceCall.Com

Watch live via MMCTV:


Meeting Packet for 3-4-20

Agenda for 3-4-20 Planning Commission Meeting

Materials for 3-4-20 Planning Commission Meeting


Meeting Packet for 2-19-20

Agenda for the 2-19-20 Meeting

2-19-20 Planning Commission Meeting Packet

Williston Unified Development Ordinance

Meeting Packet for 2-5-20

Agenda for the 2-5-20 PC Meeting

1-15-20 PC Meeting Minutes




Jolina Court Memo – Overview of Changes

JCZD Revised Draft for 2-5-20 PC

RZR proposed amendments — height of buildings and structures for PC 2-5-20

Draft Appendix D


Meeting Packet for 1-15-20

Agenda for 1-15-20 Planning Commission Meeting


Meeting Packet for 1-8-20

1-8-20 Agenda

Memorandum on Draft Motions for the Bylaw Changes

Notice of Hearing VDZD 3.10.3(a)

VDZD 3.10.3(a) amendment

VDZD 3.10.3(a) amendment report

Memorandum Prefacing JCZD Draft, Definitions and Height Restrictions

JCZD Revised Draft for 1-8-20 Meeting

Proposed Amendments to Height of Buildings for 1-8-20


Meeting Packet for 12-18-19

Public Hearing for VDZD 3.10.3(a) will be held at 7pm on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Notice of Hearing VDZD 3.10.3(a)

VDZD 3.10.3(a) amendment

VDZD 3.10.3(a) amendment report



JCZD Revised Draft for PC 12.18.19

RZR – VDZD amendment – residential density calculation for PC 12.18.19 – FINAL

RZR proposed amendments — height of buildings and structures for PC 12.18.19 (1)

VDZD amendment report for rounding rule for PC 12.18.19


Building Height Regulation:

BTV Height language from Williston


Jolina Court Zoning Amendment Proposal:

Hearing Notice (8-5-19), Further Hearings TBA

JC-Transmittal Draft

Jolina Court District Map

Amendment Report 

JCZD Draft 10-24-19 (1) VC and PC markup 11.9.19

JCZD remaining issues VC 11.11.19

JCZD Remaining Issues VC 11.24.19 (1)

JCZD Draft for PC 12.4.19


Village Downtown District Amendment Proposal:

Adopted by Selectboard 9-3-19, effective 9-24-19: Village Downtown District -APPROVED 9-3

Village Downtown District Map

Amendment Report 


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Planning Projects in Progress

Village Traffic Management

Village Parking Improvements

Stormwater Master Plan Implementation

Village Sidewalks/Streetscape Improvements-Richmond Survey Report

Public Works Permit Policies

Impact Fee update