The Development Review Board meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at  7 pm in the Richmond Town Center Building. Please Note:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, and in accordance with Bill H.681, DRB meetings will be held by login online and conference call only.  You do not need a computer to attend meetings.  Please find the call in connection number or online meeting on the Agenda for the meeting.  All meetings will be recorded and posted on the Town website.


David Sunshine, Chair: 434-2430,

Matthew Dyer, Vice-Chair

Roger Pedersen

Gabriel Firman

Padraic Monks

Alison Anand, Alternate

Vacant, Alternate


October 14, 2020 Meeting

DRB Agenda Oct 14, 2020


October 14 DRB Meeting:

App 2020-088:Staff Report_100820 B_DRB 2020-088_narr C_DRB 2020-088_siteplan 2005 D_detail site plan E_ANR Atlas siteplan with SFHA_080920  F_RI0168_property card 081220 update G_email R Pfeiffer 081120 H_email J Harvey 081220  I_plan set 100220 J_email comments K Medash 100820 K_Elevation Certificate 101014

App 2020-106: Planner’s staff report 090320 Memo-Palmer 100820 A_PA0640_DRB 2020-106_email K Brennan 070220 B_Attorney opinion- wetlands 071520 C_DRB 2020-106-appeal notice_072920 D_DRB 2020-106_narr E-1_DRB 2020-106_exhibit 1 E-2__DRB 2020-106_exhibit 2 E-3_DRB 2020-106_exhibit 3 E-4_DRB 2020-106_exhibit 4 F_PA0642_Final Sub 2008-015-D G_DRB 2008-015_plat H_PA0640_2018 google earth I_PA0640_2015 google earth J_PA0640_2012 google earth K_PA0640_2009 google earth L_PA0640_2004 google earth M_Section 6.9_Zoning Regulation effective 110596 N_staff report-Hinesburg 040202-p erb O_staff report- Hinesburg 050102- planner P_plat Hinesburg 2002 Q_24VSA4413c- State statute restrictive bylaw R_letter from K Brennan_090920 S_letter from K Brennan 100720 T-1_letter E Fitzgerald 100320 T-2 Wetland Class Report 2020-357_062920 U_Draft Wetland Permit_ID EJ20-0273_exhibit 2 V_email comments from C Leavitt 091020

App 2020-111: staff report B_Preliminary Subdivision Cover Letter (1) C_Farr Preliminary Subdivision Variance Request D_Tina Heath, Wetlands Email 2020-06-08 and 2019-679 Wetland Classification Report E_Preliminary SP (1) F_Rev-Preliminary Plat (1) G_EH0180 deer wintering map 090320 H_EH0180 slope map 090320  To be continued

App 2020-113: staff report 100820 B_FL0068_App 2020-113_covlet C_Sheet_C-1_Falcon (1) D_Sheet_C-2_Falcon (1) E_ACT 250 FILING 082120 F_ State permit review sheet G_DRB 2020-113_sitemap 090420 H_E911 Viewer Site Map 090420 I_ANR Atlas Resource Map 090420 J_ANR Atlas Slope Map 090420 K_WW-4-5439 L_Letters to units_6 pages

App 2020-128: staff report B_DRB2020-128_nar C_DRB 2020-128_plat revised 08142013 D_Elev Cert – 1-14-16 – As Built E_Sketch area table addendum with edits F_vertical uplift doc G_DRB 2020-128_photos H_letter from J Kart re porch 090220 I_ANR Atlas Flood map 100920 J_DRB 2015-019 Final Decision Parent and Wood FHOD K_DRB 2015-019_photo pre improvement L_Permit 2015-069  P_K Medash comments 093020 Q_A Wood response 093020 R_K Medash comments 100120 M_Photo_ front_081220

Meeting Videos: MMCTV Public Meeting Video Archive


DRB unapproved Minutes for October 14, 2020

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