The Richmond Town Forest was established in 2018. Through the generosity of the Andrews family, the Town acquired and conserved 428 acres of forestland and farmland through the Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board. This land will be protected as a Town Forest in perpetuity.


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  • Andrews Community Forest Management Committee
  • Maps
  • Annual report
  • Ongoing management actions
  • Management plan
  • Committee meeting agendas and minutes
  • Other files


Andrews Community Forest Management Committee

The Andrews Community Forest Committee meets the last Monday of every month online via Zoom. Contact the committee at

  • Wright Preston – Chair
  • Ellen Kraft – Vice Chair
  • Caitlin Littlefield – Secretary
  • Tyler Merritt
  • Amy Powers
  • Cecilia Danks
  • Rob Peterson
  • Nick Neverisky
  • Jim Monahan




Annual Report


Ongoing management actions

Trail Design

The town has contracted with an ecological assessment company and a trail design company to develop a route for additional trails in Andrews Community Forest. Trails will be designed to support the needs of multiple user types (e.g., bikers, hikers, etc.) and the natural communities present in the forest. Ecological assessment and trail design are ongoing as of spring 2021.

2020-21 Forest Management at the Andrews Community Forest

Per the Andrews Community Forest (ACF)’s Forest Management Plan, a forest management project began in September 2020 in Stands 3, 4, and 6 (in the eastern portion of the property). This project will be underway through March, 2021, and perhaps again from August – November 2021. A major objective of the project is to provide opportunities for everyone to learn about forest management in an open, transparent and inclusive way. While COVID-19 means that public events at the ACF this year will be largely virtual, numerous opportunities will be provided for you to learn about this project, and we will resume in-person events as soon as it is safe to do so:

  • Stay tuned to Front Porch Forum, the Andrews Community Forest Facebook page ( or email the Chittenden County Forester ( to join his mailing list;
  • Join us for our virtual event series, discussing the forest management project at the ACF with a focus on wildlife, Emerald Ash Borer, birds, carbon and climate change, and ecology and conservation. These events will feature a diverse group of partners, including Vermont Fish and Wildlife, Vermont’s Urban and Community Forestry program, Vermont Audubon, the Vermont Land Trust, Vermont Coverts, Vermont Woodlands Association and the Richmond Free Library.
  • You can follow along with the progress of the job by watching regular short videos on the “Andrews Community Forest” Playlist on the Chittenden County Forester’s YouTube channel, here: Recordings of all of the webinars and online events associated with this project will also be stored on this page, for you to watch at your convenience.
  • Map of forest management areas: ACF forest management marking map 071520
  • Read the Vermont Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation’s press release on the project, here:

For more details on the planned work, see the ACF’s Forest Management Plan on this page. Please contact or if you have any questions about this project.



Management Plan

Forest Management Plan

The “Forest Management Plan” was approved on 11/18/19 (see link below). It is an addendum to the 2018 “Management Plan,” providing specific data and information on the management of forested stands at the Andrews Community Forest. This document focuses on forestry and ecological management (other documents related to the “Management Plan” below relate to holistic management of the parcel including recreation).
PDF: Andrews Community Forest MPlan FINAL – adopted 11-19-18

Management Plan

The “Management Plan” that was approved on 11-19-18 (see link below) provides general goals, objectives and administrative details for the management of the parcel.

Below are links to the draft of the “Andrews Community Forest — Forest Management Plan” and its attachments.

2019 Forest Management Plan

ACF Activity Map090419 (3)

ACF CE Features Map 090419 (3)

ACF FN Natural Communities Map 0904119 (1)

ACF Invasives Map 090119 (1)

ACF Management Intensity Zones090419 (1)

ACF Soil Map 053019 (1)

Andrews Community Forest Stand Map 051319 (1)

Andrews Community Forest Stand Map Topo 051319 (1)

Example Forester Agreement 072419 (1)



Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes


ACF draft agenda for Monday 3-29-21

ACF special meeting agenda for Monday 2-15-21

ACF draft minutes of 2-11-21 (1)

ACF draft agenda for Monday 1-25-21_ (1)

ACF draft agenda for 1-14-21 (1)

ACF draft agenda for Monday 12-28-20

ACF draft agenda for 12-8-20

ACF agenda for 11-30-20

ACF draft agenda for 10-26-20

ACF draft agenda for 9-28-20 (1)

ACF agenda for 9-14-20

ACF agenda for 8-31-20

8-4-20 Andrews Community Forest Committee Agenda

7-13-20 Andrews Forest Management Committee Agenda

6-22-20 Andrews Forest Management Committee (1)

5-18-20 Andrews Forest Management Committee (1)

4-27-20 Andrews Forest Management Committee (1)

2-24-20 Andrews Forest Management Committee

1-27-20 Andrews Forest Management Committee (1)

9-23-19 Andrews Forest Management Committee


03-29-21 ACFC Meeting Minutes

02-15-21 ACF_minutes_210215

02-11-21 ACF draft minutes of 2-11-21

01-25-21 ACF_minutes_25Jan2021

01-14-21 ACF_minutes_14Jan2021

12-28-20 ACF_minutes_28Dec2020

12-8-20 Copy of ACF Meeting Minutes 12_8_20

11-30-20 ACF_minutes_201130

10-26-20 Andrews Community Forest Committee — Meeting Minutes 10.26.20

9-28-20 ACF_minutes_9-28-20

9-14-20 ACF_minutes_9-14-20

8-31-20 ACF committee mins 8-31-20

6-22-20 ACF_minutes_6-22-20

3-23-20 ACF Minutes 3-23-20

2-24-20 ACF Minutes 2-24-20

11-25-19 ACF Minutes 11-25-19

10-28-19 ACF Minutes 10-28-19

09-23-19 ACF Minutes 9-23-19

09-08-19  ACF Minutes 9-8-19

08-26-19 ACF Minutes 8-26-19

06-24-19 ACF Minutes 6-24-19

04-29-19 ACF Minutes 4-29-19

03-25-19 ACF Minutes 3-25-19

02/25/19: ACF Minutes 2-25-19

01/29/19: Forest Committee Minutes 1-28-19

10/10/18: RTFSC Meeting Notes 10-10-18

08/22/18: Minutes

08/08/18: Minutes

07/25/18: Agenda

05/02/18: Minutes DRAFT

04/25/18: Minutes



Other files