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Posted Thursday, July 13, 2023
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Thank you all for your patience as we work through the mobilization process post flood. In the coming days and weeks, teams comprising of local, state and FEMA officials will be conducting damage assessments on the ground here in Richmond.  As these teams are assembled, we will update this page to inform when their arrival is pending.  

Concerning any recovery work associated with this flooding event, please document with photos and save all receipts associated with any remediation efforts for your records. These records may be needed to determine the accuracy of damage for entities that may require documentation. Nothing prohibits the cleaning/pumping out of basements, the removal of damaged interior or exterior materials and/or the removal and replacement of mechanicals and water heaters, we only ask that you document everything to protect your interests. 

The Town of Richmond’s Zoning Regulation (RZR) Section 6.8, Flood Hazard Overlay District governs the procedures for re-development in those areas affected by flood. Please become familiar with this section of the RZR ​​​​​​​and if in need of any clarification, please contact us.   

Contact Tyler Machia, Zoning Administrator at 802 434-2430 or Keith Oborne, Director of Planning and Zoning at 802 336-2289 with any questions you may have. 

Email:  tmachia@  or  koborne@ Thank you.