The Town Manager is the municipality’s chief administrative officer and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of town government and supervising departments.

Employees at the following departments and offices are available to address your questions, concerns, or thoughts. Please contact the Town Manager if you wish to discuss matters further, regarding the following: Finance, Fire, Highway, Police, Solid Waste Transfer Station, Waste water, Compost, Planning & Zoning, Signs, Planning Office, and Lister’s Office.

The Town Manager is also the official tax collector and delinquent tax collector. He is also responsible for developing and overseeing the town budget (general fund, roads, wastewater, and all capital accounts) financial planning and management, personnel administration, facility management, procurement, public works project development/oversight and public/media relations. The manager’s office administers various permit procedures (sewer, right-of-way, transfer station), processes accounts payable, prepares the annual report and writes town meeting warnings. He has charge and supervision of all town buildings.

Town Manager:  Josh Arneson
(802) 434-5170 phone
(802) 329-2011 fax
email –