Initial survey results are in!

Richmond, VT Initial Data


The purpose of this survey is to better understand what talents, skills, and assets exist within our community. Even in small communities like ours, we can miss or overlook someone who has something amazing to offer!


The Bigger Picture

The process of focusing on community strengths, rather than deficits, is known as Community Asset Mapping. Community asset-mapping flips the traditional perspective on its head. Instead of community members being resource consumers, community members are seen as potential resource producers. This is where the initial survey comes into play! A retired teacher or coach becomes a mentor or tutor. A mechanic teaches kids how to change tires or oil on cars. Someone who has gardening skills can help develop and design a family’s new garden space. An artist offers a wealth of energy and passion to any child who has interest, while a local historian can provide guided tours of the town.


These are important things to make note of in our community!