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The East Main Bond Vote passed with 210 votes in favor and 43 votes opposed.  The Richmond Water Commission and Water Resources Department thank you for your support for this important project.  Details on why we needed this vote can be found here.

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The Richmond Selectboard will hold a special informational session on July 7, 2015, to discuss an Australian Ballot article and at 7:00 PM at the Richmond Town Center. The overflow location will be the Richmond Free Library if attendance is greater than 50 people. The scheduled election day (voting day) is July 14, 2015.

Shall general obligation bonds of the Town of Richmond in an amount not to exceed One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,200,000), subject to
reduction from the receipt of available state and federal grants-in-aid; be issued for the purpose of financing the cost of replacing water lines and mains on East Main Street, the aggregate estimated cost of all such improvements being One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,200,000).

This question would authorize bonding (indebtedness) for the replacement of water lines on East Main Street in the village of Richmond.
If you have questions regarding these meetings or the subjects that will be discussed please call the Town Manager at 434-5170.

More information on this bond vote may be found here:


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Richmond: Our Town, Our Future is a community planning process designed to help people who live, work and play in Richmond choose the future they want for the community. In 2015 and 2016, Richmond’s Town Plan Committee and Planning Commission will host a series of activities and events designed to:

  • Gather broad public input about Richmond
  • Build a vision for our future, looking 20 years ahead
  • Make choices and define strategies for Richmond’s land use, economic development, environment and community
  • Lead to a new community-supported Town Plan
  • Build community and momentum for taking action

For more information about the project visit:



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Our Highway Department continues to work overtime to repair our roads. Our heavily damaged roads are passable with few tricky areas  There remains quite a bit of work to do to restore the roads to their previous condition – there are many slope failures and culverts that will take time and money to repair.  Some of these are very, very, difficult to work on. Our initial damage estimates have ballooned to over $200,000 to fully restore all the roadways, culverts and for repair by others of infrastructure. This was quite a large hit, in line with what happened two years ago with flash flooding. Not to mention private damages. At this time, it is not likely that our damages will be subsidized by federal or state funding. I expect a discussion by the Selectboard on Monday regarding this issue.

Richmond Highway has been hard at work identifying and repairing flood-damaged areas.  When driving through these areas, proceed with caution.

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In 2014, the town removed an historic Elm tree that had perished due to disease. The town was able to keep a large section of trunk for possible use as a project for people in town to remember such a grand tree. To that end, we have prepared a Request for Proposals, found here Please consider what you may be able to do and read the proposal request and respond by June 25th. If you have questions, please contact the Town Manager at 434-5170 email:

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A recount has been requested of the West Main Utility Extension Bond Article from Town Meeting.  The passage of that article was 536 YES to 527 NO.  The recount will be done by the Board of Civil Authority in Town Center on Thursday, March 19th at 6:30 pm.  For questions call Linda, Town Clerk, at 434-2221.

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These are the preliminary results of the voting at Town Meeting. The raw final results and tallies can be found in this document: 2015 Town Meeting voting results raw

Article 8: Tax Stabilization = passed on floor
Article 9: Conservation Reserve Fund = passed by Australian Ballot
Article 10: Richmond Rescue Tax Exemption = passed on floor
Article 11: FY2016 Municipal Budget = passed on floor
Special Article I: West Main Utility Bond = passed by Australian Ballot
MMU School Budget = Richmond has approved, waiting on results from other towns

Selectboard: Ellen Kane ran unopposed and was elected to a two-year term; Lincoln Bressor won the contested three year term vs. Mary Houle.

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The Richmond Water Commission has voted to make a rate adjustment to the 3rd quarter billing to encourage users to run their taps at a trickle through the end of the quarter on March 31st to avoid freeze ups. The billing adjustment will cap the user cost to no more than what customers paid in the 2nd quarter – so if you use less water now than in the last quarter, you will pay that amount, but if you use more, you will pay no more than that last quarter’s amount.

Just to remind you, if the water temperature from your tap is less than 40 degrees, you may be in danger of a freeze up and you should consider running your tap at a trickle. Kendall is taking readings from across town to give everyone an idea of what areas are colder and more in danger, however, everyone’s service line can be affected differently. We expect that the coldest pipes may be in freeze danger through the end of March. That is indeed shocking, but the cold weather this month has pushed frost down that deep and will take time to recede.

If you have questions or concerns about your water or frozen pipes, call the Water Department at 434-2178. If you leave a message, it will be returned. In the event of an overnight emergency such as a broken main or service line where water is pouring out, please call the Police emergency number of 434-2153.

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March 3rd will be Town Meeting Day in Vermont, of course, including Richmond! Below you will find some useful documents to help you understand your voting choices.

Richmond Town Meeting warning 2015


2014 Town report


Richmond Warning Number 2 Utility Bond


Town Meeting Ballots 2015


Vermont Voters Rights

FY2016 Town Mtg Presentation

Rescue tax exemption presentation 2-26-2015

Tax stabilization presentation

West Main bond presentation 2015