Richmond Resident Charlotte Phillips has organized the Richmond Homemade Mask Drive

Do you need a mask? Can you make a mask? Let’s do this!

Email Charlotte at cep.cmt at

Note: The “@” symbol is replaced with “at” in Charlotte’s email address for security reasons. When emailing use the @ symbol and no spaces.

Contact by Phone: If you would rather contact Charlotte by phone please call the Town Clerk’s office at 434-2221 and we will be happy to provide Charlotte’s phone number.

How to Obtain or Donate a Mask

People who would like masks: please email your request. I’m making a list and will work on delivery/pick up as masks are ready. I can make this list as long as it needs to be, and we’ll keep working down it until everyone who wants a mask has one. I will wash and safely bag masks as needed, but you should consider washing them at home before use and do your normal package quarantine once you receive them.

People who would like to donate homemade masks: yes, please! The first day of posting, I had requests for close to 20 masks. I’m happy to chat about what’s working for me with materials and pattern hacking.

People who would like to sell homemade masks: please get in contact, or maybe post in Front Porch Forum? I’m willing connect you with people who have offered to pay for masks.

People who would like to pay for homemade masks: I will connect you with sellers if there are some, but the current consensus from the makers is please consider a donation to the food shelf or buying a gift card to a local business rather than paying for a mask from the volunteers.

We all know that homemade masks aren’t a substitute for the real thing, and have no guarantees. But they’re better than nothing, likely better than a bandanna, and a great excuse for all that fabric hoarding I’ve been doing all these years!

The following links provide guidance on How and When to Wear a Mask