This page will be the central location for continually updating working drafts of the town plan in sections. Below you will find a tentative schedule of plan sections to be discussed at upcoming Planning Commission meetings. To submit commentary, ask questions, or request different document formats about any information listed here, please contact the town planner: .

AS OF 1/31: Edits are still ongoing in all sections. These are the most current drafts of all sections. We are aware of inconsistencies in font. Please scroll through entire documents, formatting can alter the documents and create unintended blanks. We are also waiting on feedback from several organizations on a couple of sections such as Natural Resources, Utilities & Facilities, Future Land Use, and Historic Resources. You may also notice the addition of new technical plans and a change in format of the goals. These sections are also currently under review by Chittenden County Regional Planning. If you have already submitted feedback, thank you, and if you don’t see it reflected in these drafts we may have not yet gotten to your comments.

MEETING TOPIC SCHEDULE (tentative): Topic Schedule

DRAFTS of INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS:                                                 

INTRO: Town Plan-Intro-1-31-18

FUTURE LAND USE: Town Plan-Future Land Use-1-31-18

NATURAL RESOURCES: Town Plan-Natl Res-1-31-18

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Town Plan-Eco Dev-2-15-18


ENERGY: Town Plan-Energy-1-31-18

EDUCATION: Town Plan-Educ-2-15-18

HOUSING: Town Plan-Housing-2-15-18

UTILITIES & FACILITIES: Town Plan-UtilFacil-1-31-18

EMERGENCY RESILIENCE: Town Plan-EmergResil-2-15-18

HISTORIC RESOURCES: Town Plan-Hist-1-31-18

TRANSPORTATION: Town Plan-Transportation-2-15-18

FROM VISION TO ACTION: Town Plan-From Vision to Action-1-31-18

ALMANAC: Town Plan-Almanac-1-31-18

MAPS: Town Plan Maps