Meeting of the Selectboard Agenda: Attend in person, online, or by phone.

Selectboard Meeting Agenda for 9-20-21

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Special Meeting of the Water Commission Agenda: Attend in person, online, or by phone.

Special Meeting of the Water and Sewer Commission Agenda 9-27-21 (1)

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Board of Civil Authority

Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021: BCA AGENDA SEPT 29 2021 (1)


Planning Commission

9/1/21 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda


Development Review Board Agenda

August 11, 2021 DRB Agenda.docx

July 28, 2021 DRB Agenda.docx


Conservation Commission Agenda

2021_09_Draft_RCCagenda_Sept 14

Trails Committee Agenda

_Trail committee Meeting Sept 14 2021 (1)

Andrews Community Forest Committee Agenda

ACF draft agenda regular meeting for 9-27-21 (4990240_1) (1)

Transportation Committee

Richmond Transportation Committee Agenda 9-16-21

Town Center and Library Building Committee

Town Center and Library Committee 9-16-21

Housing Committee


Recreation Committee


Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan Project Steering Committee 

2/10/21 Project Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Parking Advisory Committee Meeting

PAC_agenda 09-27-2021.0

Selectboard, Water Commission, DRB, and Planning Commission Meeting Videos: MMCTV Public Meeting Video Archive

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