The Housing Committee was created in July 2020. It advises the Selectboard, the Planning Commission, the Development Review Board, and Town Staff on the housing needs of the Town of Richmond. The Housing Committee is responsible for gathering the community’s demographic information and housing data, generating housing-policy related ideas and concepts, ensuring that housing is made available for all protected classes—including race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, family status, marital status, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, receipt of public assistance, as well as abuse, sexual assault, or stalking victims—and educating the community on housing-related issues. This committee provides recommendations to the Planning Commission Selectboard, Development Review Board, and Town Staff on methods to alleviate housing-related issues and advance the Housing goals of the Town Plan.


Additional information on the work and goals of the Housing Committee can be found in the Committee Charge.

The Town is currently recieving applications for the newly created Housing Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Housing Committee, please email a letter of interest, detailing your background and any relevant experience, to Town Planner Ravi Venkataraman at by July 29th at 5 pm. You may also drop off a hard copy of a letter of interest at the Town Offices, in the drop box to the left of the Town Offices entrance next to the Post Office.