The Town of Richmond has been awarded over $1.2M in ARPA funds. These funds are a direct payment to municipalities to aid in the economic recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic. There will be many projects in Richmond which qualify for funding, but there are also strict stipulations regarding what the money may be spent on. The Selectboard has formed the ARPA Committee with the goal of better understanding the guidelines for how the money may be spent, actively engaging the community in a process to collect ideas on how Richmond should spend these funds, and making recommendations to the Selectboard on projects to fund.



ARPA Committee 5-25-22

ARPA Committee 5-11-22

ARPA Committee 4-13-22

ARPA Committee 3-9-22

ARPA Committee 2-9-22

ARPA Committee 1-12-22

ARPA Committee 12-8-21

ARPA Committee 11-18-21


ARPA Committee 5-11-22 Minutes – DRAFT

ARPA Committee 4-13-22 Minutes

ARPA Committee 3-9-22 Minutes

ARPA Committee 2-9-22 Minutes

ARPA Committee 1-12-21 Minutes

ARPA Committee 12-8-21 Minutes

ARPA Committee 11-18-21 Minutes

Documents and Resources Related to ARPA

ARPA Committee Outline

ARPA Presentation Oct21 Deck


This committee is comprised of the following members:

Jeff Forward – Selectboard Member
Jay Furr – Selectboard Member
Josh Arneson – Town Manager
Connie Bona – Finance Director
Linda Donovan – Business Owner Seat
Molly Dugan – Resident Seat
Rebecca Starks – Resident Seat
Cara LaBounty – Resident Seat
Sacha Mailloux – Resident Seat

General ARPA Information

The calculation for redistribution of the $121 million of county ARPA money is now complete. Richmond is due to receive another $800,218.94 in two equal payments of $400,109.47, one in 2021 and the second in 2022. This brings to total amount of funding for Richmond to $1,231,427.80. Please see this page on the VLCT website for more information:

There are guidelines on what these funds can be used for. The Vermont League of Cities and Towns has provided a webpage with more information on these funds which can be viewed here and will help to answer many questions about the funds.